A Caged life for Grampa

Another day at the hospital… and a caged life for Grampa. He couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let him out of bed to walk around. All he wanted to do was walk. We would pull the sheet back to reveal the large bandage around his knee. And he would look at it completely perplexed as to what happened…

He would sigh and sit back in bed.

Today’s flashback took us back to only 45 years ago. He is talking to the men who worked for him…. 45 years ago. But they were no longer in the room.

He keeps looking at his watch and saying “We’re running out of time. We need to work fast.” He would ask how “Lehman” was doing and if I’d seen “Jones”. Then he started speaking about “Tubbman”, another one of his men. But now he was talking in past tense – as if he were speaking up at his funeral.

And he stopped himself and looked at me… with a look that told me he was confused again.

In just a moment’s notice… his brain would turn back on.


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