Canteloupe – a tip from Lori…

On cutting a cantaloupe (or is it “cantalope” or “cantelope”???)… actually this is a Tuscan Melon. But it will work just fine for this exercise. (And, I prefer these to cantaloupes, any day.)

Make sure you wash your melon before cutting into it. It grew on the ground… and you don’t know what could have crawled over it (or what the crawly thing had previously crawled ON or THROUGH or OVER). Just wash it, ok?!

Then cut it in half…

Remove the seeds.

If you have a green thumb, set a couple seeds aside to dry. Who knows, maybe you’ll be growing some of your own?!

Now, follow me here… it’s actually rather quick…

Now, why didn’t my mom teach me to cut a melon like this?! (Sorry Mom – it’s more of an “expression” than anything!)

And the next few steps are even easier. Follow me…

Depending on HOW ripe the melon is, this melon should be consumed within the next 3-4 days (IF it will even last that long).

A few more details on Tuscan Melons…

– They look slightly different from cantaloupes in that they boldly wear these green bands(representing the design on a basketball). These green bands darken from light to deep green as the melon ripens.

– Tuscan melons taste a bit sweeter and overall are a little different than cantaloupes. I would say the taste is a bit deeper.

– They are a great source of Vitamins A & C

And lastly… how to tell if a melon is ripe?

1) The heft test. Pick up the melon – it should be heavy. If it feels lighter than it looks like it should weigh… it’s probably a very dry fruit and won’t have much flavor.

2) Follow your nose. Smell the end opposite of where it was cut off the vine. If it smells even faintly of cantaloupe, then it’s ripe (or near ripe – the smell will get stronger the more ripe it gets). If the melon doesn’t smell like a melon then it’s probably not going to taste like a melon either.

3) Does it give? Press into the end – it should give, just ever so slightly. And stay away from a melon that has lots of bumps or wilted looking skin. It will probably be over-ripe and you will regret it! (There is nothing in this world like an over-ripe cantaloupe. Ick!)

Now… which is your favorite? Cantaloupe or the Tuscan Melon?

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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