Kitchen is closed!

First let me say, I would only close the kitchen under a number of scenarios…

1) If I was on vacation
2) If temps reached over 105 degrees F
3) If my Hero-of-a-Hubby took me out on a hot date
4) If I was incapable of cooking

And today I’m talking about a combination of scenario 4, which then means scenario 3!!!

About two weeks ago I got whip lash.

No, I wasn’t in a car accident. But it did involve a car.

Just call me a clutz!

As I walked passed my SUV, I smacked my shoulder into the side mirror! Yes – you read that right!

I’m telling you, I’ve always said … if you wanna do it right – you gotta do it yourself!

(I hear your laughter! But don’t feel bad – my chiropractor laughed at me WHILE he was diagnosing the problem!)

So, along with whip lash comes a very painful pinched nerve situation. I can only describe it as a piercing pain coming from my neck, travelling along the collarbone, down my left shoulder and into my elbow and forearm. I have lost quite a bit of strength in my arm… which means I can barely even lift a glass of water! Let alone wash dishes, strain items over the sink, pull a heavy casserole pan out of the oven, etc.

So on to scenario #3! Oh darn… my hero-of-a-hubby is going to have to take me out to dinner tonight. And my chiropractor is going to have to put up with some more visits from me.

And for the visual learners out there… here’s a picture I stumbled across in my google search…

If you ask me, it’s radiculopathy!

And yes, in case you were wondering… this is why my Mom didn’t name me “Grace”.

enjoy your time in the kitchen… (‘cuz I’m living vicariously through you right now!)


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