it’s just a good treat… and a CONTEST!!!

I received this as a gift on my birthday… and I love you so much I have to share it with you!

In fact… we find ourselves with the need to award a prize or two! (Because as soon as I tasted this stuff I got on their website and ordered more. And there is NO GOOD REASON for me to eat all 5 bags that I ordered.) A huge THANK YOU shout out to the people who created the best kettlecorn around: Maw ‘n Paw Kettlekorn

So, answer this question by posting a comment below … deadline is Tuesday at 9 am (Pacific Time)

“What is your favorite time of year?”

(And it doesn’t have to be a season… it could be an anniversary of something special, family vacation ritual, etc.)

2 winners will be announced on Tuesday evening at 6 pm.
(Winners will be picked picked by my hero-of-a-hubby, lottery-style.)

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your Gramma… ‘cuz they’ll want to get their hands on this stuff!

Just take another look at how SCRUMPTIOUS this is…

And yes, it’s as good as it looks.

This is Maw ‘N Paw’s Zebra Caramel Chocolate blend. It’s caramel kettlecorn drizzled with both white and milk chocolate.

Oh holy cow… or should I say “holy zebra!” ???

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


4 thoughts on “it’s just a good treat… and a CONTEST!!!

  1. my fav time of year is that day after cold rainy days that i can finally open the doors and windows and let the frewh aire in again!i also love that time of year when the entire house smells like warm rich spices and Sunday is soent on the couch with a good movie a cozy bleanket and a hot cup of tea!


  2. My favorite time of year is when Lori posts "RECIPE: Quinoa with Almond-crusted Tilapia" WOW. this looks AMAZING!!But seriously though… fave time of year is any time with the fam laughing til we pee.


  3. Seasonally I love fall because it is the end of the heat of summer and Spring because it's the end of the greys and browns for winter. But I love Christmas best of all. I love looking for just the right gifts for my family and then gathering with them to celebrate the birth of Christ!


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