Pear Pizzazz…

Now, doesn’t THAT look refreshing?! Well, it is!

Here’s where I started… pear vodka, tonic water, lime and ice.

Ice in the bottom of the glass… squeeze in a little bit of lime from a small wedge…

Add a splash of pear vodka… (my new favorite!)

Fill up the rest of the glass with tonic…

No stirring required…

2 tonic tips:

(thank you Dawn and Kris!)

1) Always use cold tonic. It fizzes less when you pour it in the glass. And becuase it’s more fizzy it stays fizzy longer.
2) Pour in all of your other ingredients first, then top off the drink w/ tonic. If you pour other ingredients on top of the tonic the fizz goes away.

And trust me… you want the fizz, the pizzazz. Otherwise it’s just not “pizzazz-y”. And who wants that?!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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