My Craft room…

Oh how joyful I am to have my own craft room… a room in the house dedicated to all of my inspired madness. I just wish I could spend MORE time there.

From where I sit right now I look towards the craft room, through the french doors… and into a space where I’ve painted the walls “avocado” green. The bottom half of the room is wall, while the top half of the room is ALL windows… our house is perched up on the side of a slight hill and my view is of the treetops throughout Old Escondido.

Our house was built in the 1930’s sometime… and this addition of the house used to be an open patio. At some point, before we bought the place, the previous owners enclosed the patio (which stretches the length of the house) and made two rooms. One of the rooms is my guest room and the other is my craft room.

There have been many renditions of this room… here is the current version of my craft space.

I am a collector of ribbon… if you couldn’t tell.

Below is my not-so-fancy storage for various types of adhesives and sprays: stampin’ mist (stamp cleaner), glitter mist and water mister.

For my punches: a reclaimed silverware tray. I believe this used to be my Gramma Ruth’s, or maybe my Great-Grandmother’s. Not so sure anymore… but it’s perfect for my punches of all shapes and sizes.

And then we have the library table… there is probably more of a story than this, but it used to be the island in my Gramma Helen’s kitchen. She made many a pie, dozens of batches of cookies and many trays of chocolate/peanut clusters on this table. I promise to take good care of it, Gramma! (Every time I sit down at my library table I tihnk of you! Love you!)

To the left of the library table is a 4′ banquet table… under that table is some good room for storage. I have my holiday stamps, Cuttlebug and other things stored in large containers. On top of the containers are baskets holding the rest of my stamp collection.

On top of the table – storage for embellishments of all colors/shapes/sizes, glitter, embossing powders/tools, inks/refills and various tools.

And when I’m done crafting… or if I just want to hang out… or maybe catch up with someone on the phone… or just enjoy the evening breeze… or ? Anything…

This is where I like to spend my free time on the weekends.

When in doubt… find me here. And if my car’s out front but I’m not answering the door I’m typically napping or out in the backyard. Now, you know…

Life is good…


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