Playing with pomegranates…

Pomegranates… in my experience, have been both unreliable and unpredictable. So whenever I want one, I buy two or three.

For example… come with me to the kitchen…

Here we have 3 very different looking pomegranates. But we’re only going to open up 2 of them today (the two on the right).

Here is the first one… cut right in half.

Tip from Lori: Somewhere along the way I heard that it’s best to unleash the seeds in a bowl of water. This somehow keeps the seeds/juice from popping open, and keeps stains off your kitchen counter. (Yes – you can thank me later!)

The seeds fall to the bottom of the bowl, while the white membrane (which holds the seeds in place) floats to the top. This makes it easier to separate/clean… and therefore enjoy much sooner!

With a strainer I remove the seeds and give them another quick rinse. Then they are ready to enjoy…

See how those cute little seeds are nestled all together? And here is the yield from one pomegranate.

And here is the inside of the first pomegranate and the empty white membranes.

HOWEVER, and this is where my experience shows true, let’s see exactly how unpredictable these fruits can be. When I cut open the second pomegranate we see a completely different color…

So I removed the seeds from this second fruit… and look at the difference of the color! And the taste is so much different… much more intense, full of flavor, etc.

See below: the bowl on the left is the second fruit while the bowl on the right is the first fruit I cut open. Now I don’t even want to eat the seeds from the first fruit… I mean, what’s the point?!

I love this time of year for many reasons… one of them being that I get to eat good pomegranates!

For more info on pomegranates, read this: more info on pomegranates

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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