TEMPLATE: Accordion Apple Pattern

So… I was browsing through a recent Better Homes and Gardens magazine… and I ran across an adorable template I just KNEW I had to put to use.

And now I want to give credit where credit is due… artist Jenny Lee Fowler is being represented in a recent craft article and we all get to use her artistry to bless our tables, our desks, our bathroom counter, window sills…

Thank you for this Jenny Lee Fowler: Accordion Apple Pattern
(Click on the link above to download the template for yourself!)

Here’s what I did… I downloaded the template and then I found a few pieces of double-sided scrapbook paper that fit the occasion. And I started tracing…

Just a few different colors…

I found that I could trace this image up to 4 times on each 12″ x 12″ scrapbook page.

And here is the first one…

But I have about 19 more to go… so excuse me while I keep tracing/cutting…

These were used in conjunction with some other decorations for a ladies’ retreat at our church. The topic was “Recipe for a Fruitful Life”… we displayed fruit and recipe cards in various ways.

How are YOU going to use this template?

Life is good…


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