Most beloved piece of cookware…

What is it?

What is my most versatile, favorite, admirable, adaptable, multi-faceted, functional piece of cookware? Oh… did I say favorite?! By far, it’s this piece: Lodge cast iron square grill pan

I’m easy to please… just give me the cast iron grill pan and I’m set. THANK YOU!

I’ve used it weekly since I bought it… sometimes several meals in a row.

You want proof?! Here’s how: grilled stuffed portobellos, grilled veggies, paninis, grilled toast.

And while I’ve got your attention, let me ask you a question: have you ever shopped at ? It’s a one-stop-shopping spot for everything cooking inspired! Check it out! I especially love reading other people’s reviews of products before I buy them.

Also, can be easily found on both Facebook and Twitter… so there’s no excuses to not check them out today! In fact, become a fan of theirs! I dare you!

advertising disclaimer: i have pledged, to the benefit of my 3 faithful readers, that if I ever receive compensation from a company about any corporate reviews, any of their products, etc that I will fully disclose that fact. this post is in response to a gift certificate offer to spend on their website. i’ve always been more than glad to provide my feedback, whether it’s positive or negative… it’s just how I work. and hey, if I’m going to get a gift certificate to spend more money at their store – SHOOT! no question about it… there, now it’s disclosed. thank you for your faithful reading…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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