The problem with OPPORTUNITIES is…

… it doesn’t usually look like an opportunity. Rather, opportunity usually looks like a difficult path.

It may look like life is really starting to get crappy.

It may appear as the world is crashing down on you.
Something in your hemisphere has just shifted and now life doesn’t look so rosey.
In fact, what you had worked so hard for now appears to stink.

But how we PERCEIVE this event … as a pessimist or an optimist… will help define our attitude about the event.

As Thomas Edison said: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Let’s take Thomas Edison’s life for example…

Today he is recognized as one of the most patented inventors in U.S. history. At the end of his life he was considered to be a man who changed the face of the world… because of his inventions.

But, let’s take a deeper look.

By the age of 3 it was discovered that he was profoundly deaf. And yet the skill set he learned through that disability made him a better telegrapher and news wire operator.

Apparently he enjoyed working in the evenings so that during the day he could spend his time on his two favorite hobbies: reading and experimenting. But the experimenting eventually got him fired. (Something about sulfuric acid spilling and dripping through the floor boards onto his boss’ desk. Oops!)

And yet, in his instance, being fired was the opportunity he needed to do what he loved even more!

So – put on your OPTIMIST hat. Count the opportunities presenting themselves with each new day and be ready to grab life as it goes by!

This is where it gets exciting…


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