It was Sunday afternoon and I felt the need to get domestic.

I had recently purchased a H-U-G-E bag of limes at CostCo and while I knew I couldn’t get all the way through the whole bag I still had to … well, get through the whole bag.

So, I decided to juice them up and make ice cubes…

Here’s what it looked like… first I put pressure on the limes (with my palm) and rolled them on the cutting board. According to Rachel Ray this helps break up the juice sacks inside so they are primed to release all their juices.

I have also found that sticking a fork in the lime helps to anchor the lime in my hand while I squeeze it. And then you can move the fork from side to side to help get more juice out.

A couple hours later…

Now I have lime juice ready at a moment’s notice, for anything… my chicken tortilla soup, or a margarita, or a pear pizzazz… or , or , or… just took a little elbow grease. (And Dawn… thanks for the idea! You’re a genius!)

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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