Decking the halls…

The holidays are all about making hand-crafted decorations (and cookies, and gifts, and… and… and…)

So I started with a simple banner. It reads “Merry & Bright”…

These are individually cut triangles, strung up with a very thin silver string (through holes at each top corner of the triangle).

The “fringe” or “pleat” across the top is a 1/2″ x 12″ strip of thin scrapbook paper. I ran adhesive across the back of the strip and then roughly folded / glued it to the top of each triangle.

I ran the edge of the scrapbook paper along the edge of a stamp pad to give it some color and depth. And then used a friends letter cutting tool cut out the letters! The letters are then capped off with some silver glitter/glue to make it resemble a frosting of snow (sorta).

Are YOU making any decorations, gifts, etc this holiday season?

And yes, I think I’ll be hanging some twinkle lights with this banner… but that will have to wait for the weekend…


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