Martha Stewart is laughing at me…

Had a busy morning… then came home and googled for some holiday candy recipes. These looked easy enough.

(Disclaimer: picture swiped from Martha Stewart Living website… thanks for making it look so pretty, Martha.)

Hindsight – I wish I would have known how messy making marshmallows was… I’ve been cleaning up the kitchen for longer than it took to make the marshmallows. But there’s more to that story… keep reading!

Feeling over-confident, I was all prepared with my ingrediants and my instructions (printed right from Martha Stewart’s website). I read through it. And it seemed innocent enough.

So I followed Martha’s steps… one by one… she sure makes it look easy.

Maybe I bit off more than I could chew…

Maybe I was too confident…

It was a bit of a juggling act… boiling sugar mixture on one burner, gelaltine melting away in a double-broiler on the other burner. And egg whites in the mixer…

But everything seemed to be going okay… until

This happened when I added the gelatine mixture to the sugar mixture… and at the same time I realized I added the food coloring to the sugar mixture instead of the peppermint extract. What the ?!

And then… that’s when I heard Martha Stewart laughing at me… (is THIS what I get for dressing up as Jailbird Martha a few Halloween’s back?!)

I put down my whisk and took a step back… should I quit? Should I dump it all, give up hope and walk away? Or start again?

Or simply keep going?

Keep going I did… but feeling totally deflated. (Afterall, marshmallows are supposed to be white but they’re still going to taste the same, right?!) On a more positive side, I did get to use the whisk attachment for the first time. THAT part was exciting!

And it whipped and whipped… for about 10-12 minutes.

I transferred it to a lined baking dish to allow it to cool… and went on about following Martha’s instructions. (Martha is looking over my shoulder, laughing at my pink marshmallows.)

Using a few drops of red food coloring, I “made fast work” (‘cuz Martha told me to) of swirling the coloring around the pink marshmallow mixture before it cooled too much.

I will let this set-up over night and then cut into squares tomorrow for packaging. As Martha’s website suggests, it should go nicely with hot chocolate.

On another postive note, isn’t this just a beautiful sight?! Pink IS prettier here than white would’ve been. Maybe this isn’t so bad afterall…

However, I can still hear her laughing… and in all fairness, here is the link to her recipe:

Candy Cane Marshmallows <— good luck!!!!! (tee hee hee!)

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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