I made my own marshmallows today!!!

In a previous post I shared the embarrassment that happened in my kitchen today: Martha Stewart is laughing at me. <— click here to read more!

Well, here are pictures of the final stages of that adventure… and they turned out alright! They even taste good!

Take note – making marshmallows is a very messy process. But rather rewarding…

In the previous post you’ll see how they were made. I had to take a break and walk away from the mess that overcame my kitchen. So, now that I’m ready to tackle the rest of thsi project… this is the final product post.

My tip would be to slide the knife through a cloth/paper towel that has some canola oil on it before cutting. And then you’ll find the need to clean the knife off every now and then to re-oil it. This will help prevent the marshmallow from sticking to the knife too badly.

I cut them into one-inch squares… aren’t they cute?!

And then I wrapped them up to go…

They are going with me to the office tomorrow… and will be handed out to the highest bidder.

Thanks for the challenge Martha… I was up for it. Whatcha got for me next?!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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