Perfect for a rainy weekend…

Well, with a broken camera it’s difficult to take pictures of food and complete blog posts. And I doubt you only want to READ about what I’ve been making – the succulent pork roast served with an amazing mushroom gravy or the crunchy mashed potatoes or the nice mushroom ravioli I stumbled upon.

So, I’ll get working on getting that camera problem figured out… and keep you posted. I can’t go through Christmas with a broken camera. Now can I?!

It’s raining this weekend… so of course I’ll be making this:

YUM!!! I can taste it already… so simple, buttery-rich and warms you to the bone!

And if you and I are lucky (aka, I can get that camera fixed) and find another great deal on a pork roast maybe I’ll do that again this weekend… just in time for you to check it out and make it for Christmas!

Cross your fingers and toes… I’ll go get working on that camera problem.

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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