Trader Joe’s Chocolate Lava Cakes

Two nights ago my hero-of-a-hubby asked for a favor … he wanted some chocolate treats in the house. Which means he wanted me to bake his favorite = brownies. But I had a full day on Friday and knew I wouldn’t be able to get any baking in…

So I stopped by Trader Joe’s. And I found these… Chocolate Lava Cakes!

They are packaged two to a box… already cooked, packaged and then frozen individually.

Remove the packaging, including the cup … and then you can either cook them in the microwave (one at a time) or bake them together in the oven.

In hindsight though, I think I should have turned the cups over and so the cake was “upside down”… right? Not sure if the packaging instructed me to do so… but I seem to remember seeing them that way… right? Who knows… (admittedly, they won’t taste any different)

My Friend Debbie also suggests to cook these about 3 minutes less than the box says… this will ensure that the “lava” flows freely from the center when they are broken into…

And of course she was right… the lava flowed. And my hero-of-a-hubby was happy to have chocolate.

Someday I’ll bake these from scratch… but Trader Joe’s version was a lifesaver last night!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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