Steps 2 and 3 to homemade Limoncello

Time to check in again on the homemade limoncello. At two weeks and then again at four weeks… it’s time to take a gander and a stir.

But we’re also checking in on the grapefruit liqueur… both of these liqueurs have been steeping for 4 weeks. After 2 weeks I took them out of their dark, cool cabinet to give them a stir. And now at 4 weeks we do the same…

This is what the grapefruit liqueur looks like… isn’t that beautiful?! I truly look forward to enjoying this treat when it has fully steeped.

But we still have several weeks for that…

Time to check the limoncello…

And by “check” I mean, give it a stir… there’s not much else to do here.

Except wait… the wait will go on for another month or so. Stay tuned…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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