RECIPE: Tangy & Sweet Fruit Dip

This is THE perfect dip for a large fruit platter. Being strawberry season and all … it’s the perfect time to post this.

Here’s what I do for fruit dip… a cup of sour cream and 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar. Whisk it into submission (aka “until all powdered sugar is dissolved”) and give it a taste. If you like it sweeter add another 1/2 cup powdered sugar.

The sour cream makes it tangy. The powdered sugar sweetens it up… and it’s just heavenly. It’s like the perfect combination!

So, so, soooo good! You can also add a drop of vanilla extract or lemon zest, etc. Top it with a pinched off mint blossom… OR just dunk a strawberry in it and enjoy it as is…

This dip is also great served over blackberries or blueberries, to dip pineapple in, etc…

Sure there are healthier options than sour cream and powdered sugar… so have at it (like yogurt and honey)…

Get creative. Be your own chef. But promise me one thing: eat your fruit! It’s good for you…

(Yes, I double dipped… don’t judge me. It’s my own kitchen and I rule here!)


enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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