As part of my healing process I’ve been reminiscing…  I’ve been keeping myself busy by scanning old family photos and slides.  Some of them date back to the late 1800’s… and they’ve been hidden in an old trunk.  I’ve never seen most of these pics.  So this was like a treasure chest!

The family photo storage bin has been endless… I believe we have scanned well over 5000+ images!!!

As a lover of both history and photography I find it so important to preserve this history.  A big priority has been to make sure all of the family members get copies of these digital files.  At some point in the future I hope to start an account soon to link up our family history with distant relatives.
This process has taken months. Endless hours have been spent on this project. Scanning.  Digitally re-coloring, adjusting tone, cropping.  Renaming files.  Burning discs for family.  Backing up files on disc.  Phew… my computer and fingertips are worn out!
But it’s a process I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Can I put a dollar amount on the amount of time I’ve spent on this?  No.
The best part of it all?  Finding some gems, in the form of photos, of my grandparents in their dating days… priceless.  Simply priceless!


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