Things, they are a-changin’…

he just said WHAT?!
a friend’s husband said something to me one day in passing that really stuck with me. he knows about my food blog (due to consequent love for food) + my desire to lose weight and gain life = two things that have been at war with each other.

this friend’s husband (who, for these purposes, shall remain unnamed. lest said husband wants to get punched by his wife – he knows who he is) said to me “if you spent as much time in the gym as you spend on that food blog i’m sure you’d see some amazing results.”

he was so right. so very right.

i kinda wanted to hit him.

but i’ll be honest with you, i knew that up until that moment in time i wasn’t ready to hear that from ANYONE.

and i thought about it. pondered it. still wanted to hit him. but he was right.

that’s around the time my postings on this food blog slowed down. my attention was drawn in other directions.

friend’s husband will be happy to know that since then i have spent a bit more time in the gym – and lost over 20 pounds to prove it. (granted, up to that point i had been spending about 4 hours/week in the gym – i’m now up to spending about 7 hours/week “working on my fitness”) but i’ve also started counting my calorie consumption. THAT will “do in” any food blog…. RIGHT?!

so i’ve been busy revamping recipes by tearing them apart and tweaking them to a much lower calorie count, if possible. (some of our old food favs have since gone by the wayside, fortunately and unfortunately.) i’ve also been testing healthier food ideas altogether.

all the while i’ve attemped to wrap my head around how this changes the food blog. you see, i have had so much fun with this blog. i’ve met some new people while blogging. i’ve enjoyed taking pictures of food (the food doesn’t complain about how it looks in the photo).

i’ve learned quite a few new things about cooking and baking and writing and blogging.

overall, i’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time at this. in fact, i’ve missed it immensely over the past 2 1/2 months.

so now what?!
so this post is my promise to you that i didn’t go anywhere. but things are going to start looking a little different around here.

the freshness factor will remain.
the yumminess factor will continue.
the step-by-step tips and play-by-play photography isn’t going anywhere.
dare i say, my fruity character will live on…

i will continue to forge forward without advertising on my blog.

but most importantly, i will continue to enjoy this fun adventure in the kitchen.

but it will look (and taste) a bit different around here. thankfully healthy food still tastes good!

come with me as I find new / yummy ways to be healthy???

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


2 thoughts on “Things, they are a-changin’…

  1. That's so great Lori! congrats on the weight loss..I struggle with it everyday!Really looking forward to some healthy recipes..I use a lot of Dr. Monroes 17 day diet recipes..but once I reach my goal I'm gonna need some yummy new recipes to stay motivated!Keep it up..I know how difficult it is…!Blessings, Holly


  2. I've noticed the changes already. That's OK. But– I have heated arguments with my BFF over "health" and LOVE of food! Here is my take: I hate being "preached at" about healthy eating. I get enough from magazines, newspapers, etc. I have tweaked my eating habits too. (A little South Beach touch to my daily meals.) So…just post good healthy recipes you do and don't preach at me about how "healthy" it is! Just tell me how GOOD it is! OK?


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