about me

life is good…

I’d like to think of myself as a simple girl…  that I’m never moody, that I love all of life’s circumstances every second of every day, that I never have anything happen to me that I want to complain about, that I wouldn’t change a thing about my athletic ability / body / house-slash-living-arrangements in ” the ‘hood ” / horrid hand-eye coordination / morning breath, and that all my dreams have already come true… oh yeah, and that I’m not in the least bit delusional (or just full of it).  ; – )

So what do I do with my life, my time?  read, cook, bake, write, do my best to be a good friend, laugh with my family, cycle, enjoy plenty of time in my lil’ back yard, take pictures, learn from other people, enjoy road trips and spend time with my hero-of-a-hubby.  (if only i never had to clean the bathroom, pull a few weeds, take out the trash and go through the mail… )

So what’s up with this blog?  There was a time in my life I was keeping up with a food blog, photo blog, craft blog (and a few other, less-read blogs)… as author of all of these separately.  And at some point I thought to myself Why do I have so many blogs?

As I thought through the process of merging blogs it was a struggle… am I a bit disillusioned that anyone even wants to read what I have to write, think, share?  Does it add to anyone’s existence?  Does my written word get thrown out there for a specific purpose?  And then the thought hits me… I’ve been given this gift.  And why are we given gifts?  To share them of course!  So as long as I can share this … with at least one person… you know the drill…

And then came these questions… what would  The Blog focus on?  am I a cook?  a baker?  a photographer?  crafter?  wife?  contemplative writer?  challenging blogger?  a simple girl finding meaning in life, struggles, joys, the journey through my writing…

So, there’s my answer.  All of the above.  I’m an artist.  I’m a writer.  And all of these things make my heart and soul happy.  So, I’d like to introduce myself… I’m Lori and life is good!

Note to the reader:  Thank you in advance for putting up with the “construction zone” as I slowly continue to merge all of the blogs together… that part might take a while…  and the blog appearance may even evolve a bit as I settle in.    I’ll make myself at home… why don’t you too?


8 thoughts on “about me

  1. Glad to see you chose to go this route! I’ve been debating about blogging but couldn’t decide if I should do multiple blogs or just one. I’m leaning towards one as I’m trying to simplify my life. Having all your blogs in one blog will help me with that goal. You inspire me so I have been trying to follow them all.


  2. Very cool, Lori! You are so talented and good at putting into action the gifts God has blessed you with, my friend! Love you.


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