Project Snail Mail

We all love receiving hand-written cards or letters via snail mail.  Don’t we?!  It’s much better than bills and junk mail… all of that gets set aside when there is personalized hand-writing on an envelope.

I started this Facebook group to put out a challenge:  ONCE A WEEK – pick someone to send a hand-written note to.  Send a note to a loved one, or an elderly friend, someone needing encouragement, someone who made your day, your Pastor, a teacher, your favorite grocery teller, bank manager, neighbor, a co-worker, your mailman, a local service member/police officer, a friend you haven’t heard from in 10+years, or a distant relative… get the picture?

And if once a month is more reasonable for you – that’s just fine too!  Point being… let’s get back to the SIMPLER days when we truly enjoyed relating to people via snail mail!  Imagine the impact that can be made by taking 5 minutes out of your day to spread some joy!

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2 thoughts on “Project Snail Mail

  1. I do like this idea but don’t want to join another group right now. Today I actually sent a real card (kind of a funny one), in a real envelope with a real stamp today to a dear friend going through a tough time. I handwrote a note in it (are you sure this is better? my handwriting is sometimes illegible). Kids and grandkids get real cards from us and I insisted on real invitations for my mother’s upcoming birthday party…as the oldest and only girl with 4 brothers, I made an executive decision but did OK email rsvp. Maybe I’ll get better at this as I’m getting organized so I can find my supply of cards, stamps and return labels. Thanks for the inspiration.


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