Crafty, crafty, crafty…

I’ve been burning the midnight oil… and by that I mean, staring at the ceiling at 2 am (when I should be fast asleep) thinking about all sorts of various craft projects.

Awake, in bed wondering if I should just get up, head to the craft room to work on said ideas … but life goes on.  And if I got out of bed after only 3 hrs of sleep I would later regret it.  So instead I lie there… counting the ways I could be crafty.

Why is this happening?  I’m pouring myself into this upcoming event…

This will be my first Boutique… and I’m a little intimidated, a little excited and a lot hopeful that at least 2 people will buy something I’ve spent my time and money on.

If you’re into visiting Boutiques, buying/consuming fresh produce or in North San Diego County on either Saturday or Sunday Oct 22 or 23… stop by the Farm Stand off of the 15 freeway, take the Felicita exit.

In the meantime, I’ll be in the craft room…


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