Waiting for the green light…

I’m recounting this over 10 years later… but it’s one of those events that stuck with me.   Yet another “crazy Lori story”…

It happened in 1991.  There I was, downtown San Diego.  I was with some fellow high school seniors attending a job fair, I think.  Or was it a college fair?  I don’t remember.  We drove 30 miles from our high school to attend an event related to our future…. and that’s when I saw my past flash before my eyes.

We were walking back from our destination (or was it TO our destination?)… it doesn’t matter.   We were standing at the corner of a busy intersection, waiting for the green/pedestrian light so we could cross the street.  And before our ears could register the sound of the crash we saw it happen right before our eyes. 

A tow truck clipped a utility truck and came to a halt, which in turn caused the minivan to smash into the back of a large vehicle.  The sliding down on the passenger side of the minivan suddenly popped off the hinge and launched into the air.  The door started a spiral towards us, eventually sliding along the pavement in our direction.

We found ourselves  doing what we could to jump up and back to avoid the impact of the large piece of metal and padding and fabric that was getting ready to do some major damage to our lower extremities.  

Once the door came to a halt (6 inches in front of us) we looked at each other… and then noticed there were at least 6 stunned children and 1 flustered mom/driver in that minivan.  We jumped into action to check on the screaming kids and to ask the mom if she was ok.  Everyone was fine physically, but a bit distraught (to say the least). 

I don’t remember what happened after that… but it was just another reminder that you just don’t know what could happen while you stand there waiting for a green light…


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