October 22/23 – Farm Stand West Annual Boutique

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I’m so excited about the opportunities due to the successes of this past weekend’s craft fair, a boutique really.  About a month ago, on another one of my crazy whims, I decided to participate in a craft fair.  I happened upon a flyer at my local farm stand for their upcoming Annual Boutique.   I had recently setup my Etsy account and was in the market for selling some more items… let’s do this!

Over the past month I have so enjoyed spending my free time coming up with items to sell, prepping for the display of my table, being creative…

Within the last year I had learned how to make several hand-crafted / recycled paper good items… and then ran with it.  I marketed on Facebook, shared news of the event with other crafty friends and co-workers… and the best friends a girl could ever hope for showed up to support me.

And I’m happy to report that it was a success… so much of a success that I”ll be doing another one in a few weeks.  So I’m dreaming up all sorts of new projects and fun things for people to fall in love with.

The hit items?  My Nutty Toffee (both handing out samples and selling – which offered everyone an excuse to stop and look),  the pumpkin place cards, the book page wreaths (two different sizes) and the ribbon / paper-flower wreaths.  You can bet I’ll be making several more of those items to sell.

The toffee sold out in the first day of the boutique, so I started taking orders!  I am also taking orders for both Thanksgiving and Christmas… who wants some?

For so long I’ve been wanting to spend more of my free time doing more of what I love, crafting.  Unfortunately I was so busy that I didn’t really have any free time.  I’ve found the desire to make the free time… well, I’m hooked!


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