Here’s another one for ya… these things only happen to me.  While this happened about 10 years ago I just had to share.

My drive to work in the morning used to involve driving a road that followed along a body of water, on the side of a mountain… it is  1-lane in each direction.  Then you would descend off the mountain and into one of the most beautiful areas in San Diego…. Rancho Santa Fe.  This part of town is also known to be one of the most expensive zip codes to live in.

This morning it was light outside as I drove to work at 5:45 am.  And I had recently found a new back road that would allow me to pass up some of the morning traffic.  It was a residential street… again 1 lane in each direction.  And it quickly became apparent that I wasn’t moving fast enough for the little 4-door behind me.  Because all of a sudden this little car veered around me, into the oncoming traffic lane and the driver stepped on it.  (Note:  if you’ve ever driven in a car with me you know I’m not a SLOW driver.  So, what was he thinking?!)  Stay with me here… this is where it gets interesting.

As he passed me I looked ahead to see a car coming towards him in his lane and in turn I slowed down to help him get back over into the correct lane… it’s the least I could do to avoid an accident.  The car passing me obviously sped up… and made the move to get back over into the correct lane.  But what happened next is similar to what you see in movies.

As he swerved back into the lane, about 50 yards in front of me, it was apparent he was losing control of the car.  He swerved, and then corrected his steering and then corrected again… and then lost control.  The car turned sideways, sliding on the pavement…

I started to slow and reached for my cell phone.  There was obviously going to be an accident.  I should call the authorities.

…and then right before my eyes the carf FLIPPED, side over side… bouncing down the road…

As the dust started to settle and I could see that the car came to rest on the passengers’ side doors, with the top of the car leaning against the front gate/brick walls of a nice stately mansions.  There was considerable damage to the property…

And what do you think happened next?!  The three individuals climbed throught the door windows (front and back) on the driver’s side of the car and started to run away from the accident.

Yes, you read that correctly…

 While on the phone w/ the 911 dispatcher I went into action… I started running  after the punks (in my work shoes, skirt and all) and yelled at them to STOP!!!  I kept chasing them and yelling “STOP!!!” at the top of my lungs.  (The 911 dispatcher eventually asked me to stop yelling in her ear.  Oops!)  I must have an authoritative yell… because I’m happy to report that all 3 of the punks turned around and started walking back toward the damaged car!!! 

Here it was … 6 am in Rancho Santa Fe and I stood on the side of the road, talking to 911 on my cell phone, giving these punks the stink eye and thinking to myself “Did they really just stop and turn around and come back to the scene of the crime?!   They might regret that when U.S. Customs comes to pick them up.”

My work here is done…

(For the inquiring minds… I do not believe anyone was home at the property that was damaged as no one came out to look at the damage to their property.  So I felt obligated to wait it out at the scene of the accident to find out what was going to happen to the punks.  After pressing the Sheriff as to their status he asked for their ids.  The punks, of the day laborer variety, were hauled by Immigration.  The gate/wall was eventually fixed … a much bigger, nicer fence this time.)


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