November 12/13 – Christmas on the Farm

craft fair #2 – another successful event!  and i’m happy to report, another sold-out Nutty Toffee weekend… what can i say?!  i had a blast and was exhausted afterwards… but it was all worth it…

So the first several shots are my table display and close up on some items… included are shots from other vendors as well.  Floral arrangements, altered frames, wood working, jewelry, photo art, homemade jams/jellies, hand-crafted soaps/lotions, etc… so many things to pick from!

The owners of the private residence where this was held hope to host this event at least once a year… maybe also in the Spring!  let’s hope it doesn’t rain so hard next time and that cars don’t get stuck in the mud!  (it’s always an adventure out on the Powell Farm!)


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