The Rustic Sparrow…

Is this a dream?  This past week I jumped in with both feet and became a vendor at this uniquely eclectic shop downtown Escondido, Ca.   Someone pinch me…

Here are some shots of the inside of The Rustic Sparrow… it’s a place where vendor’s setup their own “shop” and have an outlet to show off their creativity!  These “shops” are gorgeous!  So here I am sharing pics of the whole store…

Yours truly became a vendor this past week too…  EEK!!! My shop, “CraftyLoriJean’s Homemade Inspirations” is all about taking inspiration from everywhere and re-utilizing salvaged items as they are found… mostly paper. I love playing with paper… and ribbon… and all sorts of adhesive.

Quite often I will find inspiration in books, magazines, crafty blogs and stores, websites etc and then run home (or wake up @ 2 am) and stumble to the craft room to tweak it into my own rendition of a homemade inspiration.

Check it out for yourself… stop by on Tuesdays before or after the weekly Farmers’ Market.  Or stop by before hitting up one of the local restaurants for a meal or glass of vino.

Places to dine:  The Avocado Grill, Tango, Vinz, Vincent’s,  Delight of France, Jalapeno Grill, Filippi’s, R. O’Sullivans, Joe’s Italian… and more!  There are so many options!

Can’t wait to see what you think!


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