2012: days of change

Life is changing… and I don’t typically do well with change. 

And at every interval of change, I first fight it.  And I fight it hard. 

Afterall, WHY does life have to change?!


And then about a week ago it hit me… again… how change is good.

So I gave up the fight.  Again.


And it’s THEN that the roller-coaster embarked!

(It’s kind of like asking God to grant you more patience… you might eventually regret that prayer.)


As with every January, I’ve moved into Spring Cleaning mode. 

But this time I’m ridding up items I’ve passed over for years.  I’m finally ready.

But there are bigger things on the horizon…


My job is changing. 

Not my title, not the company.

But the tasks, the people I work with, the hours I work… the way I go about my daily tasks.

Where I park my car in the morning is changing (this is HUGE – I’m such a creature of habit.) 

Where I park my butt is even changing…


It’s all changing.


 What else is changing due to my job / hours changing?

when I run my errands

when / where I work out

my commute time has tripled

my free time has decreased

my sleep cycle must change… soon…


but i also now get to watch the sunrise during my commute

and yesterday’s sunrise was the most beautiful i’ve seen in years


i stopped on the side of the road

i parked and turned off the car

and sat there, in tears

thanking God for His creation and His gifts


and i watched the symphony of colors play out in the night awakening to the day


and i found the silver lining

and it was awesome 


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