living healthy…

this January i am 45+ pounds lighter than i was last January…


that makes me want to do backflips

(even though I’m not quite in shape enough to do that yet)


2011 brought about some radical changes to the way we live

(my husband and i)


i set aside my fun food blog

where i posted decadent and delicious step-by-step instructions on recipes

where i shared cooking methods that were new to me

and my subsequent successes and failures


and i instead turned my attention to cooking healthy, fresh, nutrient-filled foods

that our bodies needed to stay healthy and cut calories (and pounds)


and while our food lives’ aren’t as thrilling as they used to be

they are still just as yummy


the main point of this priority adjustment was to preserve ourselves naturally

(without the preservatives)


we bought bikes

we made exercise a priority

we started counting our calories

(something i said i’d never do)

we made ourselves a priority


together my hero-of-a-hubby and i have collectively lost over 100 pounds!

(pics to follow soon, i promise)


but more than losing weight and fitting into that size we’ve been coveting

we are enjoying our active lifestyle

we are enjoying less acid reflux

we are enjoying company over dinner rather than dinner over company


don’t get me wrong

sometimes i want a big fat juicy burger smothered in cheese and bacon and sauteed onions

but now i have it without the fries and ketchup, followed by a shake


and sometimes i just want to sleep in

so i do

and then i might regret it later

but i don’t let it stop me


more than anything… we’re living healthy and life is good!


we’ve lost weight

(and we’ve got a ways to go before we hit our goals)

and we’re gaining life




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