All things creative…

I’ve recently pulled out the paint brushes… and the bucket collecting the embossing powders… and the punches… and several different types of adhesives, including a new one I just discovered…

And no… I’m not using all of these things on the same project.

I just can’t keep away from projects of all kinds.

From learning about chalk paint and then creating my own version of the uber-expensive paint (like Annie Sloan’s)… to framing reclaimed sheet music … to creating lovely gift tags (IF I do say so myself)… to coming up with a new idea for a few workshops…

All things creative… it’s all I can think about. I wake up dreaming about embellishing, organizing my to do list and thinking about what project I can start and/or finish before I go to work… what can I mark off the ‘to do’ list on the way home from work?

Am I’m having the time of my life!

Literally, enjoying every minute of creating and dreaming…

My spot at The Rustic Sparrow is currently boasting some new Valentine’s items … including heart-shaped paper mache magnets, gift tags for V-Day presents, bouquets of cherry red and lovely pink paper rosettes … and various ribbon and burlap wreaths… and of course a book page wreath.

The next thing I’m going to work on is tea staining some sheet music… you can guess what I’ll be working on once I get home from work on Monday!

Oh, sometimes work just gets in the way … ha!


3 thoughts on “All things creative…

  1. I’m so excited for you and inspired to see that spark of creativity igniting into a full-blown passion. I know that I feel more alive when I’m creating. I am so glad you are experiencing that. I am praying for more…and for more outlets and more venues. You have a lot to “say,” and you’re saying it through so many different media formats. I couldn’t be happier for you…plus what you are producing is beyond amazing!


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