ready for another crazy lori story?!

You’ve probably read through some of the other ‘crazy lori stories’… it’s true what my brother says, “These things only happen to my Sister!”

Here is the most recent…

I left for work early this morning… and was driving across the 56 freeway. This is a short 7 mile freeway, that runs east/west, connecting the 2 major freeways (I-5 / I-15) which go north/south through Southern California. At this time of the morning there are typically very few people on the road… and I typically set my cruise control at a level slightly over the speed limit. (To say anymore about the speed at which I was travelling might implicate me… so I will not admit it in this public forum. ahem…)

Note to other drivers… while driving it is a good habit to watch your rear-view mirrors for cars speeding up on you … I was this morning.  And what I witnessed still has me shaking…

I saw a rather large vehicle (even though it was dark outside I could tell it was a tall vehicle and had BIG lights) … but it wasn’t the size of the vehicle that caught my attention.  It was the fact that this large of a vehicle was weaving in / out of traffic and going MUCH faster than I was.  This large vehicle was shortening the gap between the two of us at a very high rate of speed.

As it was approaching I wondered if it was an ambulance due to the tall profile…

But when it whizzed passed me I could see it was a work van of some sort, a grey/silver Ford Econoline with a work rack on top (and it was lifted) … I’d guess the driver was bearing down on 100 mph… still swerving in and out of the cars in the 2 lanes of traffic.  He was moving so fast I couldn’t even move to the right to get out of the fast lane.   He passed me on the right and swerved back over in front of me with just enough time to slam on his brakes to avoid the next car directly in front of me/him.

This isn’t the worst of it…

NEXT… I see a much smaller car behind him by a few car lengths… but driving much faster and much more erratic.

I was going to stay put right where I was for this one too… these drivers are racing?!  Is it road rage?

And he didn’t slow down!  Just kept swerving back and forth between cars…

And then it happened… this small four-door sedan drove BETWEEN me and the car next to me… yes, he/she was straddling the middle of the road and driving between us!!!!

What did I do next?

Well, I bet you can guess.  I shakily called 911 to report 2 dangerous drivers…

Of course I did!  I knew I was not in danger (but rather shaken) … but who knows what damage they might cause in front of me or to any of the other drivers on the road.  The 911 operator answered immediately (THANK YOU!) and I provided what little details I had of these vehicles … the second vehicle flew by so fast that I didn’t even see what color it was!

I reported what happened, my location and what I could provide.  But we were fast approaching the I-5 freeway and they would have to either go north or south…  They were so far ahead of me at that point that I couldn’t see which way they went.


Until… I got to my exit and I saw the silver work van at the light in front of me turning right…  (unfortunately there was no sign of the little dare-devil sedan-driver).

So then what did I do?  Well, of course I called 911 again to report his location… and of course I followed him!  (Of course I did!)

But he was going so fast at that point that I lost him again.

So, I decided to turn around in the shopping center parking lot about a mile up the road …  and who was sitting in the McDonald’s drive through?!

You guessed it!  The silver work van!!!

And what did I do next?!  Yes, I called 911 again… I parked in front of the McDonald’s and promptly provided them with the driver’s description and his license plate number.

I don’t know what the authorities are going to do with this info… but I’d really like it if they at least warned this guy!

I’m glad I’m safe and sound… and I’m glad there was no accident from the reckless driving…

Take away from this?  Hanging out with Lori could put you in harm’s way… and yes, I’m a snitch when others are putting my life in danger… deal with it!  (And I say that in the kindest way…)


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