Coffee staining paper

I received a custom order for framed vintage sheet music using ‘Amazing Grace’… after searching through over a dozen hymnals and contacting nearly every sheet music seller on Etsy I decided that I’d have to just do this myself.  (The version I was finding in random hymnals was only a half page song, or the song was split between two pages… and I wanted it a bit bigger, full page.)

My friend Holly pointed me towards a few online websites where you can access free printables!  I searched and searched to find the right style I was looking for (needed to be a full page piece, including words, etc)… and I found just what I was lookig for.  I don’t remember exactly which site I pulled the song off of, but here are a few leads: and  THANKS HOLLY!!!

I downloaded the song by clicking on the PDF link and then opened it in Microsoft Word.  I wanted to reduce the overall size of the piece so that I could fit it into an 8 1/2″ x 11″ frame, with embellishments around it, etc.  Once that was done I printed off a few different sizes/copies and then went to town on testing out how to coffee stain paper … for my first time.  Can you believe it?

The short and quick of it, I set aside some extra coffee from earlier in the morning and let it cool completely.  (Apparently using hot/warm coffee turns the pages more orange?  OK.  Noted.  No pun intended.)  Next, I prepped my 3 samples and pulled out two sheet trays, some paper towels and a cooling rack.   See the slideshow below for detailed step by step examples and to see the 3 different samples.

It’s this easy:  1) place the paper in the coffee, 2) press down to let any air bubbles escape, 3)  allow to soak for 20-30 seconds, 4) carefully flip the paper over and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.  Carefully picking up paper, allow excess coffee to drip off and then place the soaked paper between two papertowels to wick off even more coffee.  Remove to a sheet tray until the paper is dry. 
**Please note, my samples below show the paper drying on a cooling rack – but I will not do that again as excess coffee “pooled” where the paper was laying on the rack and it left faint lines on the paper. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have fun staining paper of all sorts:  maps, book pages, hand written notes, paper with stamped images on it… the possibilities are endless…

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