Wow… what a whirlwind of activity. 

Yesterday around 1 pm I received an email from an editor at BH&G asking whether or not I could submit a wreath for their Christmas Ideas magazine.

I kicked it into high gear by finding a wreath, checking my inventory of other supplies and talking it over with my husband.  He agreed to take me to dinner.  That’s all the motivation I needed.

I got to work cutting, and twisting and wrapping and gluing… and a few hours later I was taking a picture of it hanging on the wall in my kitchen.

Next?  I needed to find a box large enough to ship it in.  FedEx to the rescue!  A very loud shout out to Garry and Steve at my local FedEx place for helping me find the safest way to ship this thing and for helping me get it on it’s merry way!

I now have more important things to do.  Here I sit, in the waiting room, for my hubby to come out of surgery.  He needed to have his collar bone fixed after crashing his bike.  (OOPS!)

In these moments I’m grateful for a good book to read and a Dr’s steady hands…

I wonder when I’ll hear back from BH&G…  will I be able to sleep until then?!


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