Better Homes & Gardens?!

I received an email via my Etsy shop… from someone who calls herself a “contributing editorial project manager” at Better Homes & Gardens. 


From where?!

I’ve read the email over and over at this point and it says something about liking one of my holiday wreaths, and could I make them one in a larger size and submit it to them for consideration for their Christmas Ideas magazine… ???

Um, let me think about that for a mere second… YES!!!


Several hours later, after jumping up and down a few thousand times, I re-read the email.   They want the wreath by MONDAY?!  What’s today?  Wednesday?  The photo shoot is next week and they need it by Monday?!  Can I do this?!

To the phone I went… I need to find a florist with a very large foam wreath… and wait a second.

IS THIS A JOKE?!  Where is the hidden camera?

So I Googled her…yes, yes I did.  And to my surprise it really DOES list her as the contributing editorial project manager.   Hmm… I better find a foam wreath…


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