On pins and needles…

I’ve been on pins and needles since last Thursday… That’s when I shipped my Holiday Sheet Music Wreath to Better Homes & Gardens headquarters,to arrive in time for their Monday photo shoot for the “Christmas Ideas” special interest  issue…


And I’ve watching it each step of the way …

I’m happy to report that I just got an email from the Contributing Editor!!!  She emailed to let me know my wreath arrived, that she thinks it’s “GREAT” (yes, her word!) and the art staff is primping and getting ready for the photo shoot!

She says they will send me a contract this week!  A contract?!  This means they want to use it!  oh.my.goodness… they want to use my wreath in their Christmas Ideas magazine?!

Someone pinch me…

Where’s the hidden camera?!

::: phew… I can breathe a sigh of relief now :::

Wow… just to be considered for the magazine in itself is quite the honor!


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