The only good thing about Sandusky…

… is that he got caught. 

Disclaimer:  Maybe I’m too spicy today to be blogging about this … but I would like to look Sandusky in the eye and shake his hand and say “Thank YOU for getting caught!”  (enter sarcastic tone here)

But first I would like to hug the victims of Sandusky’s horrid lust and show them my gratefulness for their bravery!  I would like to tell them that they deserve better, that it is ok for them to talk about it, that their voice will protect hundreds if not thousands of people going forward… oh the trauma this has brought to hundreds of lives.

This hits a bit too close to home… as several people I have been close to over the years have been abused.     Not a single person deserves to be treated with this much disrespect… sexual, physical and verbal abuse is sickening.

In this case, Sandusky forced his despicable lust onto these young lives and in those moments their lives were forever changed.  The recording of those private, sadistic, horrifying moments will long live in their memories.  The recovery that needs to take place in their lives may take decades… but one thing remains, they are forever changed because of Sandusky’s uncontrollable desire to hurt another human being.

Sandusky, as a human I am sickened by you.  As a Christian, I know that I should pray for you… it will be difficult, but I will try to do that.  As a follower of Christ, I pray that God has grace on you… because you certainly don’t deserve it.


And a note to the people who were aware of this abuse and did nothing to call him out on it, or to protect the victims, or to stop his further actions… shame on you.  SHAME ON YOU!  Dare I say, no… I won’t say it…


Further, Lord grant me the strength to respond the right way when I’m feeling the way I’m feeling about this…  I want to respond like Christ would respond.  But in moments like this, reading the transcripts of this abuse case, and hurting for these victims it’s so difficult to not feel utter hatred for this individual.  Please help my frame of mind… I need your grace in this moment…

The good thing that comes out of this?  Healing.  More pain, but through that process healing.  Awareness.  The victims’ bravery will encourage other victims to speak up.  The coverage will shame and discourage other abusers into getting help.  And those who stayed silent through this will find their voice…

May the Lord be with those who are hurting… may they find peace beyond human comprehension and grace beyond supernatural belief.


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