A little insight into my world this happy morning… I recently switched the mode on my iPod to “song” and then have searched for songs starting with various words.  This morning I set it to a new topic… thanks.

On the way to work I listened to songs titled “Thankful” as performed by Caedmon’s Call, Jonny Lang and Michael McDonald, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys and Josh Groban.  Each song has its own set of lyrics, its own tune, its own vibe and warmth… and each performer was singing from their own place of thankfulness.  I could relate to each one…

I sang along… and my heart swelled.  And when Josh Groban started singing… well, I started to tear up.

Parking my car in the lot at work, I sat there and listened to Josh sing… at least 2 more times.  This moment in my life, today… is a blessed moment.  I am so content, and ever so grateful and warm with appreciation for all of the love in my life, the opportunities before me, the friends and family who stand with me… even the struggles that make me a better friend, wife, Christian, etc.

I am blessed beyond words… and my heart swells with gratitude.  Thank you, Lord… you grant more grace than this girl deserves.  And she sits at your feet and sings your praises… for you are an AMAZING God.  Your love satisfies.  Your peace inhabits my heart.  And … I am grateful.

So grateful…

I look forward to the drive home today, listening to these songs again.  I just love the harmony between Jonny Lang and Michael McDonald in Jonny’s song “Thankful”.  And how Alicia Keys just belts it out… wow.  But to read the lyrics to Josh Groban’s song,  follow this link:


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