Etsy Meetup

What an opportunity… I’m so grateful the invite was extended to me! 

Two of the Brooklyn Etsy gals were in town and decided to host a Meetup for local Etsy shop owners! 

In the room were artists, buyers, collectors, designers … some who run their shop FULL – TIME, some who run their shop as a hobby after work and some in attendance are still building their shop.  What a wide range of people!

Here are some images from the night… we talked, we collected Etsy swag (lots of FUN Etsy swag – not pictured here are all the fun pins I brought home), we shared stories, asked questions of each other and learned from each other…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were at the Luce Loft downtown San Diego, Ca…  with beverages in hand, we fired off questions to each other:

  • How long have you been on Etsy?
  • Do you have a shop elsewhere?  Brick and mortar?  Online?
  • How did you get started on this?
  • Are you homemade or vintage?
  • What else do you do?  Day job? 


Can’t wait to hear more about future Etsy events… and maybe even to participate in an Etsy Team soon!


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