Tonight? We celebrate!!!

Thank you to Studio 512 for the image!
Thank you to Studio 512 for the image!

What an outpouring of love and celebration with some very special friends tonight…

It wasn’t just about celebrating my publication in the Better Homes & Gardens “Christmas Ideas” issue… it was about celebrating those in my life who have continually encouraged me, supported me and pushed me to keep creating.

I got to say THANK YOU to a few people who have 1) inspired me to “put myself out there” (Thank you Laura H & Lori P) even though I didn’t think I was ready to, 2) encouraged me to keep playing with all things tacky (and I’m talking ADHESIVE here people, please), 3) rubbed off on me in ways they didn’t even realize (Julia, Holly and Kellye – thank you), 4) stood by through the last few torturous months of not knowing if I’d be in the magazine or not (Debbie – our morning chats, while probably driving you crazy several times over, kept me sane) and 5) to Lee for just loving me and all my crazy messyness and lack of completion of about 3 dozen projects at the house. You are an amazing husband.

And the s’more potluck tonight wasn’t bad either. Dang girl… Kellye, you overdid yourself again! What a hostess you are! You have a giving, loving, playful heart… and I’m happy to call you friend.

There were several who couldn’t make it tonight, and I’m sad we didn’t get to raise a glass in celebration. But there’s plenty of time for that still…

I truly feel like the most blessed girl in the world right now… truly.



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