i {love} me some Creative Getaway time!!!

Once a quarter I make a point of escaping. What does “escaping” look like? Great question. That’s different for everyone.

For me? It means packing up various creative projects and taking it on the road. There’s this insane group of ladies that have been doing this for over a dozen years now. And a few years back I was invited to join them. {I’ve got some rad friends!}

What do we do at the Creative Getaway? We create. And laugh. Boy, do we laugh!

So, logistically what does that look like? Imagine yourself in a hotel conference room big enough for 20-30 ladies to settle into for the weekend. We each get our own 6-foot banquet table… which is just enough room to spread out with all of our projects. Some of us bring enough luggage to fill up our entire cars. While some of us may bring just a laptop. Some ladies show up with their sewing machines or large table-top scanners. Some of us show up with the intent to scrapbook, make cards, catch up on digital scrapbooking, create a special birthday present, prep for upcoming classes we may be teaching, etc…

But one thing is for certain… we all show up with that urge to have fun!!! And have fun we do!

So here I sit, early morning of day #2 of the Getaway. And I’m in the conference room by myself. This is typical. I usually run out for coffee for a few of us and then settle in to get an early start. Yes, that’s typical for me. I’m a morning person.

So, let’s do this… what was I going to work on today?!


One thought on “i {love} me some Creative Getaway time!!!

  1. This sounds like such a fun thing to do. Wish I knew a group like this to join each year. I love do be crafty. I was thinking of you as i have received so many hits on my striped wreath I was inspired to make by you. Hope you have had a happy holiday season. Looks like you have been involved in many craft shows! How fun!


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