Brewing up a blog post

I do my best “brewing” in one of four moments in my life – in the shower, just waking up, just falling asleep or driving somewhere.

It’s in those fleeting moments … the moments that are the most awkward to make NOTES… that I come up with some potentially worthwhile thoughts. Sometimes they are lost (for lack of writing them down), and sometimes I can recall them from the memory banks and many lists going around inside my brain. But either way, something else has to happen. I have to brew on the topic for a while.

Should THESE thoughts be shared with the whole wide world in this raw format? Or do I need to brew on them a little more? Do I need to find some substantial thoughts behind this fleeting glance of an opinion? Or do I just throw it out there into the wild blue yonder? To be critiqued and judged or commented on and/or read and simply forgotten?

Or do I need to brew on them a bit longer to find that point of CHALLENGE I so often go for when writing?

So, the other day as I mentioned to my hero-of-a-hubby one of the topics I was currently “brewing” he suggested that in itself sounds like a blog topic. He suggested I blog about my very own process of “brewing”.

Thus… this post. That’s all. See ya next time…


One thought on “Brewing up a blog post

  1. What a whirlwind I entered as I read your blog for the last few months, Lori. I had been wondering if you had given up on the blog in favor of alllllll of your other creative activities–new and old. Thank you for bringing me up to date!

    Hugs to you! May Christ be near throughout this season!!!



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