RECIPE: Asian Chicken Salad


one of my favorites.  it’s fresh.  it’s filling.  best of all,  it’s easy.  it’s an Asian Chicken Salad…

Here’s where I start…  by prepping the chicken.  I usually do this step several hours ahead of making the salad.


I boil the chicken, to cook it.  I wait for it to cool and then dice it into bite size pieces.



Here’s my secret flavor weapon for this dish.  Let me start by saying that I’m very sorry if you’re grocer doesn’t carry this brand of dressing/marinade.  Now, print up this picture and take it to your grocer so that they know which one to order.  ; -)  You can thank me later… (wink)



So, I placed the diced chicken into a sealable plastic bag and  poured a good amount of the dressing/marinade into the bag … then it went into the refrigerator to get all nice and happy.  Every now and then I toss the bag so that the marinating chicken gets covered and smothered.


Then I diced up some green onions, cilantro (yes – you read that correctly … the cilantro is another secret flavor weapon for this salad – so refreshing!), half a head of cabbage and a head of romaine lettuce.


Since I usually make up enough for 2 or 3 meals I placed all the cabbage/lettuce into a container for later consumption…


And then I simply threw the green onions/cilantro on top…


And here’s the next secret flavor weapon… toasted almond slices…


I placed them in a warm saute pan (medium heat), and let them brown up SLOWLY.  They brown up fast, so keep a close eye on them.  I tossed them about the pan for about a minute or two, and then they were ready.  I removed them from the hot pan to allow them to cool …


And for an extra treat, IF I can find these… I like to throw a small handful of these soy ginger wonton strips on top of the salad.  They impart such great flavor…


So, here it goes… the assembly begins.  Below are the wonton strips, chow mein noodles, roasted/salted sunflower seeds and the toasted almond slices.



And the building process began…


Lettuce/cabbage and cilantro/green onions… topped with a healthy drizzle of the dressing (straight from the bottle) and a small amount of each of the crunchy toppings and about one chicken breast worth of the marinaded chicken.






Isn’t she pretty?! 


Dinner last night was so yummy!  I’m glad I made enough for more for tonight!


5 thoughts on “RECIPE: Asian Chicken Salad

      • Dressing is nicely balanced (got it at the local Vons), and I liked the story on the bottle. The dressing plus the cilantro really added a lot. I had gone shopping without a list so from memory came home with Chinese cabbage and tortilla strips; I forgot the Chinese noodles but added what I had in the frig – chopped raw almonds, roasted pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds…definitely will make again!.


    • You are certainly welcome, Carolyn! Enjoy! And let me know if you have a hard time finding that dressing. I understand someone else placed an order through Amazon for it?! Who knew?!


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