It’s my 40th birthday…

seizing40 pm

It’s my 40th birthday… and  I couldn’t be happier…

I love birthdays, even if it means I’m getting older.   I’m aging.  There are more gray hairs.  I’ve been finding more creases near my eyes lately.  I fall  asleep earlier at night these days.  And I’m ok with all of that…

I have to admit, I don’t comprehend why some individuals don’t like birthdays.  I’ve always wanted to be older than I was.  I mean, we’re all aging at the same rate… we’re all getting older… it’s just a part of life.  Freaking out about it isn’t going to be any fun.  It isn’t going to change anything.  And it certainly isn’t going to slow down our “aging rate” (ha! … is that a thing?! ).  In fact, it probably just makes us feel even older.  Wouldn’t you think?!

So, instead I’m seizing it!  And by seizing it, I mean… I’m SEIZING it!

(hence the graphic)

Admittedly, birthdays look a little different the older we get.  There are far fewer balloons and crazy clowns (thank goodness)… and more treasuring of friendships.  There are fewer wrapped presents… and instead more eternal gifts.  There are fewer parties… but still that same love for yummy cupcakes… actually, for me it’s s’mores.  Seriously… I’d trade a cupcake any day for a yummy s’more.  Bring on the s’mores.  (And s’mores I get to have this weekend!)

Today I want to express how important my authentic and intentional friendships are.  Today I am grateful for so many things in life… my dreams, the hope that God alone gives us, opportunities to serve others, those crazy God moments that you know only He could orchestrate, my loving and forgiving and supportive family …

So, let’s do this… I’m kicking off a month of birthday celebrations.  After all, my mother’s expected due date was around October 23rd (or so)… but I wasn’t going to have that.  I was so excited to start celebrating that I made a surprise appearance 40 years ago today.

What are you seizing today?


5 thoughts on “It’s my 40th birthday…

  1. Happiest of birthdays to you my dear niece! Seize all you can get and continue to love and learn daily!! Love you! Soozzeequu

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  2. Oh how I remember 40 yrs ago today … it was ‘moving day’ from CA to OR …everything was packed, I was ready to climb into the Uhaul for a bumpy ride to OR … then my water broke & the Dr said ‘you’re having a baby!’ … yes, remember it well! … just like it was last week, you don’t forget all those happenings with your firstborn! Lori, that was just the beginning of many surprises you gave us! Love you still! Happy BIRTH-day!


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