photos from Esco Gelato/Thanksgiving

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Another amazing honor was sent my way! Yesterday I was afforded the opportunity to decorate EscoGelato for Thanksgiving!  What a {sweet} idea!

Thanksgiving is {BY FAR} my favorite holiday of the year.  So, this project was so much fun for me…

I went with a nostalgic, warm feeling … and then kept it simple.  The colors inside EscoGelato are already so bright and colorful… and so it didn’t need much in the way of sprucing it up.  {i LOVE jobs like this!}

My favorite aspect of this design was re-purposing the large frame.  I have hung a tiny basket off of the frame with blank tags on it… they are there so that people can add a note about what they are thankful for.  I can’t wait to read all the inspiring notes!


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