Count your blessings…

It’s Thanksgiving … or at least it’s 2 days away… and it’s time to sit still, think about how blessed we are and then do a bunch of cooking and baking and laughing with family and run all over the place like a crazy person…

count your blessings 2

In a few days my hero-of-a-hubby and I will gather with family we don’t get to see often enough… which is one of the blessings I’m counting.  And in a few days we’ll sit around and tell stories and laugh and catch up, and eat… and then eat some more.  And we’ll go home full and sleep well and wish it wasn’t over.  And we’ll still be counting our blessings…

There is an old hymn, written by a man born in 1856, Johnson Oatman Jr… who challenges us to look past the tumultuous storms we are asked to endure, to be strong in spite of discouragement… and to remember to stop.  And “Count Your Blessings”, and pay attention to the things God has done to take care of us.

I’ve been doing this lately… and my heart is full.


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