Oh doctor! You can hang a star on that one!

R.I.P. Jerry Coleman (September 14, 1924 – January 5, 2014) 

Jerry had quite the effect on our family… men and women alike!  His voice brought such joy into our home on game day.  The family members on my mother’s side of the family were die-hard San Diego Padres fans!  And eventually my Dad was won over too!

We attended Padres games, listened to them on the radio, watched them on T.V.  We were a baseball family.  To this day I put the Sunday game on TV even if I’m not necessarily watching it… I might be napping, cleaning house, in the studio, etc… but typically the game will be on.

Well, our world is changing a bit… Jerry Coleman has hung his last star, in the hearts of all those who listened to him over the years.  (And he’s been calling out plays for the Padres since before I was born!)  I’ve known his voice all my life.

In a touching tribute, and former Padre himself, Tim Flannery recorded this song. shared via YouTube:  Hang a star on that one!

Prepare to get choked up… I did.

Thank you, Jerry Coleman, for bringing such excitement to game days.  Listening and watching simply won’t be the same…


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