Free eBooks from Beth Moore

It’s because I love you that I share this (actually, someone shared it with me and I took full advantage of it)… and now I’m paying it forward.  Please do the same…

Beth Moore is offering 16 of her eBooks for FREE until January 10, 2014 (14 in English, 2 in Spanish).

FREE Beth Moore eBooks <———— click here to access the books (but do it quickly, time is running out!)


I would highly recommend anything Beth has written.  Having read two of these books (Breaking Free and When Godly people do ungodly things) and attending a couple of her conferences there is one word I can use to describe Beth Moore:  dynamic!  

You will be challenged … I promised you that!

I’m going to start with The Beloved Disciple… 

Now, off you go!  Enjoy!



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