the Afternoon Soiree, a Valentine’s tea party

I had so much fun yesterday!  (But, in full disclosure,!)  I was given the opportunity to help plan and style a good ol’ fashioned country-lovin’ vintage-inspired Tea Party!  And we enjoyed every last morsel!

We gathered at Lobos Country Store at 4 pm.  Some of the ladies brought friends, others brought their daughters… and they all brought their tea party love!

Catered by The Grand Tea Room we enjoyed scones, tea sandwiches, a bite size quiche, lemon tarts and the cutest little red velvet cupcakes you ever did see!!!  They provided 2 different black teas and a green tea… and the tea party go-ers were in Heaven!

Taking inspiration from days past we were transported to a simpler time… one of the attendees explained she had once done a study on teas and discovered that tea time was a time to put the complaints of the day behind and to focus on lovely things in life.  So, in true tea party form we made the most of it!

Ladies, some of them previously strangers to each other, laughed together… we delighted in a time of carefree enjoyment … and talked about having another party soon!

I loved this opportunity and look forward to another tea around Mothers Day… who’s with me?


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