God loves us...

He loves us for who we are…

God loves us...
God loves us…

The Pastoral Staff at our Church just embarked on a new teaching series that I’m already loving!  It’s about the Ten Commandments.  Last week Pastor Sam brought to us an explanatory introduction, relaying more of the story behind the purpose and benefits… and if you’d like to hear that for yourselves, you can click here:  sermon audio

What I most loved about his talk was the above thought (paraphrased):  “God loves us for who we are, not what we should be.”  

What a valuable message to allow to sink in on Valentine’s Day … when it comes to love from our Heavenly Father, it’s great to recognize and grasp that ONE – it is unconditional.  And TWO – while it’s most likely undeserved, it’s still there.  And THREE – God loves us so much that He wants us JUST LIKE WE ARE.

What a freeing thought…

God loves ME for who I am… God loves YOU for who you are…

That’s stunningly beautiful love… humbling, honoring, amazing.

I am His Beloved.


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